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Energy requirements are growing incessantly throughout the world, particularly in the industrial, transport and tertiary sectors. To address current and future energy challenges, the energy industry needs materials that ensure, more than ever, responsible energy management from its creation to its use.

We have gained a vast amount of expertise on the energy market as a result of the challenges taken up with our customers for several years. At a time when everyone is refocusing on their core business, we are doing out utmost every day to provide you with material and technological solutions that meet your technical requirements and specifications.

Products recommended by experts!


It’s crucial that we understand your objectives and analyse your needs in detail so that we can offer you the most suitable solutions that comply with your specifications. We have adopted a policy of ongoing improvement to provide you with top-quality support that meets your requirements according to European standards.

Thanks to our highly reputed metallurgical expertise and wide range of top-quality products and services, we can handle all of your projects:

  • Recommendation and supply of steels
  • Destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing
  • Production, checking and acceptance pursuant to your specifications
  • Plant certification
  • Cutting and machining
  • Range of additional options

We can make a success of your challenges when it comes to generating renewable energies as well as transporting, storing and converting energy.

All of the equipment used in the energy sector (thermal or nuclear power plants, separators, crushers, injectors, etc.) must be able to cope with abrasion and corrosion.

Stainless steels are most commonly used in this sector.

Products for the nuclear industry

Products for the nuclear industryProducts for the nuclear industryWe are certified to store RCC-M products (available at level 1) and offer you many compliance options related to production or based on our substantial stock of available items (in all delivery formats).

Our steels 316 L, 316LN et 316L(N) are extremely resistant to corrosion in high-temperature environments and boast high fatigue strength. They are mainly used in the primary circuits of nuclear plants (nuclear valves).

Our forged or laminated martensitic steels are mainly used for fusion reactors and any other parts that have to withstand high mechanical stress.

Our titanium steels and nickel alloys are extremely resistant to corrosion and mainly used for liquefied gas tanks and heat exchangers, to name but two examples. Not forgetting our tk Alloy 36, an excellent iron-nickel alloy (with a low expansion coefficient) which is often used for making tools for composite parts (e.g. parts for the aeronautics or automotive industries or for wind/marine turbines).

Our added value for your atypical projects!

Our added value for your atypical projects!

We can take care of all your technical projects by offering you tailor-made services including processing and supply flow management services. For greater added value, we have created a multi-skilled project team who will make a real success out of your projects. Our added value for your atypical projects!

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