thyssenkrupp Materials France is the perfect partner for the toolmaking industry. Thanks to our complete range of standard and specific grades combined with our integrated processing services, we can meet all requirements of these professions.

As real experts in metallurgy, we recommend the most suitable products & services and constantly strive to offer our customers the very best solutions.

This win-win partnership will help you to stand out on your markets. Our services include:

  • helping you to choose the best products and techniques
  • enabling you to focus on what you do best
  • allowing you to increase the number of parts produced
  • reducing the unit costs of your parts
  • supplying you with perfect-quality parts

You have a specific requirement? Take a look at our product range:

Thanks to our range of products available in all delivery formats, our integrated processing services and our extensive network of subcontractors, we promise to meet your requirements whatever your applications.

You make tools for the plastics processing, glass or foundry industries?

You are cutters/moulders and you make cutting tools, follow-on tools, punches/moulds, blades, grinding blades and/or cold-forming blades?

You make cutting tools?

You make cavities, die-holders and metal parts for moulds?

Take advantage of our processing services and invest in your core business.


Our added value lies in our drive to offer you much more than just materials so that you can keep improving your productivity and efficiency. Thanks to our know-how and our network, we can provide you with tailored solutions whatever your requirements.

Our machining methods (CNC, 5-axis, drilling, etc.) allow you to benefit from large-scale capacities without making investments, so that you can accept projects on the French market.


The lead partner for your projects!

Project Management

We have mustered our resources to create a specially dedicated team who will guide you throughout your projects and offer you turnkey solutions.

As lead partner in the management of entire projects, we offer you a team of experts to guide you on the road to success.

Project Management