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Our range of steels and non-ferrous metals is perfect for the many specific applications of the shipbuilding and marine construction industry. Whether for merchant vessels, passenger ships, warships or submarines, our wide range of products and service can meet all the challenges of your industry.

Performance, security, durability and adaptability to even the most hostile environments and climates are essential criteria. We undertake to provide you with products and services that comply fully with the appropriate regulations and meet your various needs.

The specific requirements from one application to another include corrosion resistance, weight optimisation and cost savings, whether for constructions, repairs or operations.

Our multi-specialist teams will analyse your needs and offer you tailored solutions that comply with industry standards.

You have a specific requirement? Take a look at our product range:

Mechanical engineering steels

Our mechanical engineering steels are used for manufacturing parts that must withstand major stresses (transmission of energy, such as the engine of a ship, for example).

Mechanical Steel

Carbon steels

The quality of our carbon steels, which are inevitably subject to repeated impact, are perfect for building your ships thanks to their excellent weldability and resistance properties.

Plate and slab carbon steel

Stainless steels

Due to their mechanical properties and chemical compositions, our stainless steels are able to withstand even the most corrosive saline environments. They are mainly used for the structural framework of ships (hulls, decks, keels) and for decoration. Stainless steels are mainly used for large vessels and liners, but also for recreational boats.

Stainless Steel

Aluminium alloys

Our extensive range of aluminium alloys, which are three times lighter than steel, ensure greater speed and manoeuvrability so that you can optimise your fuel consumption and costs. Our range of corrosion-resistant and structurally efficient steels offers amazing potential for vessels of this size.

Stainless Steel

Open-die forging options

We offer an extensive range of open-die forging options. We can take care of manufacturing, monitoring and on-site or external acceptance of large-scale parts, without specifications or with very technical specifications.

Take advantage of our processing services so that you can focus on your core business.

processing and finishing

Our added value lies in our drive to offer you much more than just materials so that you can keep improving your productivity and efficiency. Thanks to our know-how and our network, we can provide you with tailored solutions whatever your requirements.

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Special support for turnkey solutions

project management

We are more than just a distributor, we are your partner. As all customers are unique, we have mustered our resources to create a project team. As a single point of contact, our team will support you in all stages of your projects and offer you turnkey solutions by combing our internal and external resources.

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