Another strength is our unique range of steels and non-ferrous metals.

With over 320 grades and 50,000 items in stock, a full range of delivery options and a large supplier network, we are able to provide our customers with all types of raw or processed materials covering every conceivable use.

Thanks to our substantial stock of non-ferrous metals and steels and our vast sales coverage assured by twelve sales offices, two of which are abroad (Dubai and Tunisia), four integrated processing centres, five logistics centres and three competence centres dedicated to cutting and machining services, we can offer a range of unrivalled products and services on the market. That way, we are always able to provide our customers with a solution.

Our product range

Adding value to our customers' business

Well aware of our presence in this constantly changing market, we make every effort for our customers and invest a great deal of energy, day in day out, into meeting their requirements.

We want our customers to focus on their core business so that they can tap new markets and increase their productivity.

Customers benefit from all of our integrated processing and finishing services and we constantly endeavour to offer more. We can provide cutting, machining, and a whole range of additional internal and outsourced options combined with logistics solutions, confirming our position as a real generator of added value.

You have a project in the pipeline? We have mustered our resources to create a specially dedicated team who will guide you throughout your project, from A to Z, offering you turnkey solutions, whatever the nature of your project.

Project management

Our promise

thyssenkrupp Materials France aims to be a modern and dynamic company for its customers, employees and future partners. Going beyond simple collaborations, we build up real relationships of trust and defend our shared values together.

We also give talented young people the opportunity to succeed and build on our employees’ skills by helping them to fulfil their potential.

We are committed to turning market requirements into a success and thus standing out as a modern, reliable and sustainable partner for all our customers and employees.

For us, ‘agility’ and ‘excellence’ are more than just words and reflect a mindset that has become part of our DNA, enabling us to offer much more than materials!