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Railway Industries

Railway Industries

The need for mobility on a global scale is constantly growing as a result of urbanisation, demographic growth and economic developments.

Through their innovation programmes, railway equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for smarter transport systems, sustainable solutions and products that can meet their many requirements, i.e. strong wear resistance, durability, cost effectiveness, safety and lightness.

thyssenkrupp Materials France offers you a unique range of products and services for trains with improved environmental performance!

  • Special steels for parts and mechanical assemblies for transmissions, axles, suspension and braking systems.
  • High-tensile steels for structural elements, stringers, frames and underframes.
  • Austenitic and ferritic stainless steels for elements subject to corrosion, dressing and decorating.
  • Stainless steel high-end tubes – the first stainless steel welded tube for the toughest requirements.
  • Aluminium alloys, used increasingly in the railway sector for making structural parts. As these alloys are lighter than steel, more and more manufacturers are choosing them for their castings for carriage ends or door-opening systems.

As part of our drive for ongoing improvements, we constantly seek to improve the performance of our products and services so as to reduce your costs, boost your attractiveness and improve the life cycle of your finished products.

We promise to offer you more than just materials!

Our added value? Customised solutions that enable you to refocus on your core business by supplying you with products that you can integrate directly into your processes.