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Our steels and non-ferrous metals are central to the needs of the agri-food and consumer goods industry. At thyssenkrupp Materials France, we provide a unique range of products and services to each of the many applications in this industry – our aim being to offer customised solutions.

Packaging, production, storing and transporting food, industrial kitchens, utensils and household equipment – we can meet each and every one of your challenges according to your requirements and constraints.

Security, hygiene and food compatibility are key criteria for this industry. It is therefore crucial that the steels and metals which come in contact with foodstuffs do not release substances which could alter their quality. Rest assured that our multi-specialist technicians will provide you with tailored solutions that comply with the relevant standards.

The players in this industry are on the lookout for durability, corrosion-resistance, good hygiene and cost-effectiveness – key qualities that define our wide range of stainless steels. Thanks to their mechanical properties and chemical compositions, our stainless steels can withstand even the most corrosive environments – including the most acidic foods as well as detergents and other cleaning agents – and are not in any way harmful to the end product.

A solution for each application!

Our ferritic stainless steels are resistant to dry corrosion and are mainly used for producing household equipment components.

Our range of martensitic stainless steels is renowned for its ability to withstand mechanical stress and is generally used for producing kitchen utensils.

Our Duplex stainless steels are noted for their excellent mechanical properties in extremely corrosive environments and are usually used for maritime constructions or salting procedures.

Our wide range of heat-resistant steels is defined by its mechanical properties in extremely corrosive, high-temperature environments and is generally used for kitchen equipment (e.g. ovens and air filters).

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Packaging applications are an integral part of this industry. Aluminium is the main metal used for packaging. Given that it is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and does not alter the end product, aluminium is an economical and reliable solution for both rigid and flexible packaging. Not forgetting our range of thermoplastics, which is resistant to detergents, temperature fluctuations and impacts, making it ideal for plastic packaging and wrapping.

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Whether in the form of coils, sheets, plates, strips or blanks, our hot-rolled or cold-rolled carbon steels offer excellent protection and are ideal for stamping, packaging and enamelling procedures. Our carbon steels are generally used in ovens and hot plates, whereas our mechanical engineering steels are frequently used for making parts that must withstand major stresses.

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A helping hand to boost your productivity!

processing and finishing

Our added value lies in our drive to offer you much more than just materials so that you can keep
improving your productivity and efficiency. Stand out from your competitors and gain added value thanks to our internal and outsourced processing services.

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Special support for turnkey solutions

project management

We create added value and go out of our way, day in day out, to support you in all stages of your projects. We therefore felt that it was crucial to create a dedicated project team so that we can offer you solutions to help you move forward. Our team will support, advise and guide you in all stages of your projects.

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