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Outsourcing / Supply chain

Outsourcing / Supply chain

You’d like to improve the efficiency and performance of your supply chain?

These days, it is essential for every company to ensure impeccable supply chain management so that its resources are allocated to the right place at the right time in order to optimise its processes. Managing your supply chain efficiently gives you a considerable competitive advantage that allows you to immediately reduce your costs and satisfy increasingly demanding customers by offering incomparable responsiveness. Setting up such a strategy calls for intensive management from upstream to downstream between producers, subcontractors and end customers.

Outsourcing / Supply chain

Ask the right questions:

  • Is it an area in which I can excel?
  • Should I focus on my core business so that I can prioritize my activities which offer real added value?
  • Could a third party provide faster, more efficient and less expensive results?

We have just the answer:

The answer to all of these questions lies in a reliable, long-term partnership with a dedicated project team who will provide you with the best integrated solutions for managing your supply chain.

Our team of experts is here to help you so that you can concentrate on what you do best. That way, you can boost your productivity and generate more added value.

Our win-win formula is based on four main areas:

Feasibility and integration of the materials supply chain

Feasibility and integration of the materials supply chain

As each customer is unique, we start by jointly analysing the solutions which are best suited to your individual production requirements and constraints.

To do so, we make all of our resources available to ensure perfect integration of the materials supply chain. As the single point of contact, our project team manages and coordinates the relations between all parties involved, whether internal or external.

Thanks to our experience on the market, with over 50,000 items in stock, a substantial subcontractor network and a team of experts, we can take care of management and funding as well as materials and logistics flows.

Optimising stocks and sourcing materials

Optimising stocks and sourcing materials

Being part of an international industrial group means that we develop strong relationships based on synergies with Group companies to offer your made-to-measure supply sources in France and/or abroad.

According to your needs, we can offer you a wide range of materials available in all formats, from blanks to semi-finished parts. We are also able to store these products to optimise your stocks and manage your flows according to your consumption.

As an innovative partner, we create solutions to facilitate exchanges thanks to numerous designated ERP portals which centralise:

  • Your delivery calls
  • Your consumption forecasts
  • Your supplies
  • The various materials suppliers
  • Performance monitoring
  • The necessary documents and certificates
  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Slitting
  • Other options
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Quality control plan
  • Document monitoring
  • Full traceability

Efficient processing services

Efficient processing services

We operate throughout France, storing and processing products locally via six designated customer sites and four processing centres so that we can offer you much more than just materials. Depending on your requirements, we can take care of cutting, machining, slitting and all other parts applications that can be seamlessly tailored to your production processes or those of your partners.

Find out more about our processing services right away:

All of our processing and/or logistics centres are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. The sites devoted to the automotive industry are fully compliant with standard ISO/TS 16949 and all of our warehouses and agencies operating in the aeronautics industry are certified pursuant to standards EN 9120 et EN 9100 depending on their activities.

Our multi-specialist technicians play a key role in guiding our project team by helping with numerous quality checks, such as:

  • manufacturing plan
  • quality control plan
  • document monitoring
  • full traceability

Just-in-time delivery

Just-in-time delivery

We guarantee just-in-time deliveries to secure your supply and provide you with flawless production processes.

If you wish to secure your supply, we can adapt our location to be as close as possible to your production centres or even set up a supply service directly in your workshops.

Our integrated services allow you to reduce your costs while improving the visibility and reliability of your supply chain.

We provide our resources to major customers so that they can focus on their core business:


Supply chain management

Challenge: “Hub material” – combined management of raw materials and associated processing services

Our added value: Close contact with the customer thanks to materials management at one of our designated sites

A satisfied customer thanks to our unique services and partnership:

  • Materials management at our site in Bourges located 40 km from the customer
  • Stock management
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Thermoplastics
  • Approx. 1,000 orders carried out per month
  • Materials flow, grinding, contouring, delivery
  • Excellent responsiveness with delivery times of 48 to 72 hours
  • Insourcing of the customer’s cutting machines (Unisign + Selco)


Project management

Challenge: Management of the materials supply chain by outsourcing to a subcontractor

Our added value: Management of the materials supply chain and machining of finished parts for an entirely satisfied customer

Our project team overcame the obstacles of the supply chain and proved its worth thanks to:

  • Storage of raw materials, carbon steel mechanical tubes, carbon steel profiles and flat products, several hundred tonnes per year, etc.
  • A buffer stock and machining of finished parts
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