Building, Construction, Handling

Building, Construction, Handling

From industrial and residential buildings to stations, airports or works of art, our broad range of products and services can meet your requirements as well as those of your subcontractors and engineering consultants.

Above all, the players in this industry require sustainable constructions, stability, resistance, cost efficiency and compliance with standards. Drawing on our long-standing expertise and know-how, we can support you in all stages of your projects and offer you solutions tailored to even the most complex requirements, in line with regulations and your implementation plans.

You have a specific requirement? Take a look at our product range

Our mechanical engineering steels (in the form of long or tubular products) boast excellent weldability and tensile strength properties (e.g. compression), making them ideal for constructing framework, particularly for industrial or multi-storey buildings.

The mechanical and chemical properties of our stainless steels guarantee unrivalled durability and long-term cost savings. As well as being corrosion-resistant, our range of stainless steels is also perfect for decorating your buildings depending on the surface finishes you require.

Our austenitic and ferritic stainless steels are frequently used for building façades (cassettes, sections, slats and clapboards), interior decoration and solar panels, whereas our duplex steels are generally used for building structures. We offer a wide range of polishing options from grain 40 to mirror no. 8, for sheets, round, square or rectangular tubes, or round, square or rectangular bars.

Our abrasion-resistant, high-tensile steels in the form of sheets, plates or coils guarantee perfect bonding between concrete and steel as well as excellent weldability. With good fire-resistance and intense-rigidity-resistance properties, our wide product range can withstand even the highest of impacts.

We offer an extensive range of open-die forging options. We can take care of manufacturing, monitoring and on-site or external acceptance of large-scale parts, without specifications or with very technical specifications.

Boost your productivity by opting for our processing services

processing and finishing

Scrap the low-added-value stages of your production cycle and leave them to us. Our customers’ success is the key to our business model’s success. We do more than simply recommend materials; we offer you integrated processing services so that you can focus on your core business.

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A dedicated project team

project management

We are more than just a distributor, we are your partner. As all customers are unique, we have mustered our resources to create a project team. As a single point of contact, our team will support you in all stages of your projects and offer you turnkey solutions by combing our internal and external resources.

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