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Project Management

Just like your competitors, you are currently operating in increasingly versatile markets. To ensure your long-term future, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd and harness your competitive advantage to satisfy increasingly demanding customers. All stages of a project – from its conception to its implementation – imply a combination of multiple skills, players and constraints.A project can only be a success if it is managed well as a whole. This is where we come in to help you make a difference.

Our project team’s expertise is your advantage. Our proactive team coordinates all parties involved to offer you turnkey solutions that meet even your most complex requirements. As each project is incomparable, we study all of your needs so that you can be competitive.

Feasibility and quality assurance

Feasibility and quality assurance

As each customer is unique, we start by analysing the solutions which are the most appropriate and best suited to your individual objectives. Our multi-specialist technicians draw on their expertise to help prepare your specifications and select your materials as well as your supply chain and processing services. We provide a reliable and certified service that fully complies with industry regulations.

We have already carried out a large number of extremely diverse projects requiring ongoing improvement. Each day, we make every effort to excel in our technical consultancy and provide a multitude of quality checks (quality control plan, quality and document monitoring, traceability, etc.).

Take a look at our certifications

Distribution of steels and non-ferrous metals

Distribution of steels and non-ferrous metals

We centralise your needs!

Boasting over 60 years of experience in the steel and non-ferrous metal retail market, we are undoubtedly the clear market leader. With over 50,000 items available in a full range of delivery format plus a large network based on synergies between the various companies in our Group, we can meet all of your needs in France and abroad.

  • Stainless steel Sheets | Bars | Tubes
  • Carbon steel Sheets | Bars | Tubes
  • Aluminium Sheets | Bars | Tubes
  • Titanium Sheets | Bars | Tubes
  • Other Sheets | Bars | Tubes
Our products range



We operate in many locations, but we store and process our products locally to offer you more than just materials!

Thanks to our efficient machinery and our competent partners, we can take care of cutting, machining and any other supplementary tasks to supply you with products ranging from blanks to semi-finished parts.

Our processing services

Coordinating your supply chain, logistics and packaging

Coordinating your supply chain, logistics and packaging

We know everything there is to know about logistics challenges! We work together to provide you with integrated supply solutions that meet your production requirements. We can help you to:

  • Optimise your work flows
  • Reduce your costs
  • Minimise supply chain errors by centralising information
  • Ensure just-in-time delivery
  • Secure your supply
Supply chain management

We provide our resources to major projects of a technical and aesthetic nature

ITER – One of the most ambitious projects in the energy sector

Challenge: open-die forging engineering with large dimensions and complex specifications
Our added value: recommendation, supply and checking of specific parts for an atypical project

A combination of skills to create blanks and forged parts:

Grade: 316LN according to specifications 1x Prototype + 35x Radial Plates (series)
1x Radial Plate = 6 welded segments 1x segment = 4t.
1x segment = 4t.

Louis Vuitton Foundation – An architectural jewel

Challenge: looking for a single point of contact for a comprehensive range of processed steels and non-ferrous metals with specific finishes
Our added value: recommendation, supply and checking of specific parts for an atypical project
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