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Public Work and Mines Materials

Public Work and Mines Materials

You manufacture machinery or devices for the construction sector (including skips), quarries, cement works or mineral extraction sites?

To remain competitive on these markets, it has become crucial to forge a reliable, long-term partnership with the industry leaders. Thanks to our wide range of steels, our processing services, our network of subcontractors and our internationally renowned expertise, we have everything it takes to be your perfect partner and to provide you with specific solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Products and services that live up to your expectations

Carbon flat steels (sheets and plates):

Our carbon steels are ubiquitous in all constructions that must endure wear and abrasion and that need to be both durable and cost-effective.

As well as being extremely tough, our carbon steels last up to five times longer than conventional structural steels. At thyssenkrupp, we believe that all customers are unique. That’s why we always recommend products that are specifically tailored to your needs and make sure that we provide the best processing services.

Our XAR carbon steels are perfect for manufacturers of demolition, grinding, crushing and earth-moving machinery. These extra-tough steels have excellent cold-forming and welding properties. As they are available in various grades and thicknesses, we can recommend responses tailored to your specific applications and constraints (moderate/heavy/extreme use, good processing properties, high resistance to intense impact abrasion, etc.).

Lightness is the watchword for mobile cranes. Special vehicles and mobile cranes are now subject to specific regulations on loads and total weight. In this respect, our N-A-XTRA and XABO steels are ideal for combining the requisite lightness with maximum resistance. Our high-tensile steels with a yield strength of up to 1,300 MPa can withstand even the heaviest of loads. What’s more, you can save money with these steels, because in certain cases the sheet thickness can be reduced by 73%! We will be happy to recommend one or more of our numerous grades according to your requirem

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Mechanical steels

All of these machines and devices contain mechanical parts or use tools.

Axles, cams, sprockets, rotors and shafts are just some of the parts that withstand constant stresses and must therefore meet specific requirements.

Our range of mechanical engineering steels is perfectly tailored to the needs of your industry:

Carbon steels/alloyed steels for mass-processing; case hardening/nitriding steels and bearing steels are just some of the available grade types that are suitable for your applications.

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processing and finishing

By forging win-win relationships, we help our customers to save money as a result of our added value. Thanks to our processing & supply chain management services and our network of subcontractors, we can handle all of your requirements.

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Project management

project management

They key to your success lies in our project team. This proactive team of numerous experts can guide you throughout your projects, from the development to the implementation stage.

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