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Steel and non-ferrous metals are remarkable construction materials that are gaining in prevalence and popularity for architectural developments. In this sector on the borderline between art and technology, design offices and architects need to make sure they have the support of a good partner.

But with so much competition, who do you choose? You need a competent and multi-skilled partner who listens to your every need, understands you and meets your requirements, no matter how challenging. A partner who comes up with a solution to every problem and always offers you more than just materials. Some choices are tough, but this one couldn’t be easier: look no further, your perfect partner is thyssenkrupp Materials France!

An incomparable product range for remarkable projects. A comprehensive range for your projects in all delivery formats: blocks, sheets, plates, bars, tubes, blanks, etc

  • Standard, anodised, coloured or embossed aluminium
  • Construction steels
  • Cupreous metals
  • Coloured steel sheets
  • Stainless steels

Depending on your requirements and specifications, we can offer you a wide range of finishing options, always remaining consistent with the desired result: polishing, shot-blasting, sanding, shot-peening or others on request.

AluNox is a lead product among architects as it both high-tech and lightweight, weighing up to three times less than stainless steel. It therefore combines the advantages of a light aluminium sheet with the technical benefits of a special steel.

Bronze, copper and brass offer a broad range of colours.

Our Pladur® range of composite materials with a metallic substrate and organic coating are extremely sought after in this industry. They are generally used for lights and lamps as well as interior and exterior finishes. They combine corrosion resistance with excellent forming properties and a decorative effect.

Self-patinating steels fascinate architects owing to their perfect combination of robustness and aesthetic appeal. Due to their natural colour and patina effect, these steels are used both for building interiors (lining) and exteriors (façade cladding). They are also increasingly used for works of art, especially monumental sculptures. As well as boasting a high level of mechanical strength, our high-tensile steels (sheets or bars) are resilient and have excellent forming properties for even lighter constructions. Pre-painted products enhance the appearance of your architectural constructions.

Stainless steels require little maintenance and are tools of choice among architects and design offices thanks to their appearance, excellent mechanical and physical properties and extraordinary corrosion resistance. Our wide range of stainless steels will perfectly meet your individual requirements:

  • Austenitic stainless steels (304/316L Standard) are suitable for polishing, extremely resistant to corrosion and incredibly durable.
  • Austenitic-ferritic steels (1.4462) are more resistant to non-oxidizing acids and pitting corrosion and boast excellent mechanical properties.

Because products are nothing without added value...

processing and finishing

With four integrated processing centres and a substantial partner network, we recommend and supply you with materials down to the level of roughing required to integrate your end processes, without you having to worry about the technical constraints.

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A dedicated project team

project management

We know just how important it is to have a single point of contact for your projects. That’s why we went that extra mile and created a dedicated project team to meet all of your challenges.

Refocus on your core business: create, imagine, design... we’ll take care of the rest.

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