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Tool steels for hot working

Tool steels for hot working

A complete range of standard products and specific grades to meet all of your needs.

Drawing on a range that is unique in the French market, thyssenkrupp Materials France does everything it can to offer tailor-made solutions in all markets. Our hot-work steels are supplied annealed for subsequent treatment and can be used at high operating temperatures.

These steels are ideal for use in cavities for injection, punches, punching dies, mechanical parts, and extruder dies and are highly heat resistant with different levels of resilience/wear depending on the heat treatment ranges applied.

Pour une utilisation au-dessus de 200 ° C.

thyssenkruppNF EN/ENAISI/ASTM/SAETélécharger PDFRondsPlatsCarrésPlates usinésCouronnes
TKM 2344 EFSX 40 Cr Mo V 5 - 1H 13pdf
TKM 2344 EFS SUPRAX 40 Cr Mo V 5-1 RSLH 13pdf
TKM 2885 EFSX 32 Cr Mo CoV 3-3-3H 10 Apdf
TKM 2999 EFS SUPRAX 45 Mo Cr V 5-3-1 RSL pdf
FORAL 390 ESR  pdf
SPAL 36 ESR  pdf
SPAL 38X 38 Cr Mo V 5H 11pdf
TKM 2343X 38 Cr Mo V 5 - 1H 11pdf
TKM 2365 EFSX 32 Cr Mo V 3 - 3H 10pdf
TKM 2365 EFS SUPRA32 Cr Mo V 12-28 RSLH 10pdf
TKM 2367 EFSX 38 Cr Mo V 5-3 pdf
TKM 2367 EFS SUPRAX 38 Cr Mo V 5-3 RSL pdf
TKM 271455 Ni Cr Mo V 76 F 3pdf