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Machinable titanium carbides

A complete range of standard products and specific grades to meet all of your needs.

A search for materials combining the benefits of tool steel and carbide led ThyssenKrupp Materials France to market carbide alloys that require machining before tempering. These products are composed of titanium carbide incorporated into a binder of chrome/carbon/molybdenum alloy steel. They are machined in the annealed state and are capable of hardness ranging from 55 to 69 HRC depending on the grade.

These products can be used in a wide variety of situations requiring outstanding wear and abrasion-resistance (parts subject to wear, cutting forming, etc.).

Machinable titanium carbides

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FERRITAN C ® pdf #2713 #2713 #2713 #2713
FERRITAN CM ® #2713 #2713 #2713 #2713
FERRITAN TE ® 1000 Available on European stock #2713 #2713 #2713 #2713
FERRO-TITANIT NIKRO ® 128 pdf #2713 #2713
FERRO-TITANIT NIKRO ® 143 pdf #2713 #2713
pdf : technical data sheet and dimensional range
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