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Carbon tool steel

Carbon tool steel

A complete range of standard products and specific grades to meet all of your needs.

thyssenkrupp Materials France makes a priority of understanding your requirements and offering you more. Carbon tool steels (C45) are unalloyed conventionally manufactured steel grades that are supplied annealed with maximum standardized hardness. We have added a grade to this range that offers enhanced properties and improved inclusion cleanliness for use in cavities and hydraulic blocks. There is considerable demand for these entry-level steels in general mechanical engineering (cylinders, pistons, axles, gears, etc.), construction, agricultural equipment, cavity retainers, and tool base plates.

Non-alloyed carbon steel for tooling

thyssenkrupp NF EN/EN AISI/ASTM/SAE Download PDF
S 355 J2+AR S 355 JO pdf #2713 #2713 #2713 #2713
S 355 K2 + N S 355 K2 + N pdf #2713 #2713
C 45 E C 45 E 1045 pdf #2713 #2713 #2713
C 55 E C 55 1055 pdf #2713 #2713
TKM 1730 C 45 U SAE 1046 / W 1 pdf #2713 #2713 #2713 #2713
pdf : technical data sheet and dimensional range
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