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Distribution is our core business and our services give you the edge!

Backed by a unique range of products, we can support and help you become more competitive with a range of processing and supply chain management services. With our technical expertise, knowledge of your markets, and extensive network, we can supply you with thermoplastic and plastic parts that fit in seamlessly with your end processes, ensuring just-in-time supplies. Wear and abrasion resistance? Impact resistance? Strength, machinability, and very good chemical resistance? Our unique range of plastics will unfailingly meet all your requirements.

Industrial Plastics

thyssenkrupp Delivery form General
PA 6 Naturel EXTRUDE Round bars / Sheet General use for mechanical parts.
Good heat resistance.
Easily machined.
High moisture regain except PA 11/PA 12.
PA 6 Black EXTRUDE Round bars / Sheet
PA 6 Naturel COULE Round bars / Sheet
PA 6 Black COULE Round bars / Sheet
PA 6.6 Naturel EXTRUDE Round bars / Sheet
PEHD 1000 Naturel Round bars / Sheet Products with excellent characteristics: friction, antiadherence,
abrasion resistance and chemical inertia.
Very good shock resistance.
No humidity regain.
Product for the food industry.
PEHD 300 Naturel Round bars / Sheet
POM C Naturel Round bars / Sheet Products combining good frictiocharacteristics and high
dimensional stability, especially in damp environments.
Very rigid, hard.
High machining accuracy.
POM C Black Round bars / Sheet
pdf : technical data sheet and dimensional range
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