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High Strength steel

High strength steels

High-tensile steels are manufacturers' go-to product for producing structures that need to be both lightweight and withstand intense stresses.

By using these treated (hardened and tempered) and thermomechanical steels exhibiting outstanding mechanical properties and exceptional surface quality, it is possible to half the thickness of sheets compared to standard S 235 steel.

Quenched and tempered steels

N-A-XTRA® 550 #25ce
N-A-XTRA® M 550 #25ce
N-A-XTRA® 620 #25ce
N-A-XTRA® M 620 #25ce
N-A-XTRA® 700 #25ce
N-A-XTRA® M 700 #25ce
XABO® 890 #25ce
XABO® 960 #25ce
XABO® 1100 #25ce
XABO® 1300 #25ce
Available on European stock

Thermomechanically rolled steel

thyssenkrupp NF EN/EN Download PDF
S 500 MC pdf #2713
Perform 700 / S 700 MC S 700 MC pdf #2713
pdf : technical data sheet and dimensional range
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