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Thanks to our expertise, we can supply you with a complete range of coils, strips and blanks for all of your applications.

A rich and varied range of stainless and carbon steels and non-ferrous metals together with top-quality services combining state-of-the-art equipment and methods to optimise your cost and time.

Our slit coils and hot/cold-rolled laminated sheets (non-coated, electrogalvanised, galvanised, aluminium-plated, etc.) meet the exact requirements of the industrial sector and automotive subcontractors. Depending on the thickness, machining and surface quality desired, we constantly adapt to all of your needs to offer you perfectly suited products.

As high-level consumers of hot-rolled strips, cutters, stampers and automotive subcontractors seek products which meet stringent requirements.

Our hot-rolled or precision hot-rolled strips and our cold-rolled or cold re-rolled strips are ideal for stamping procedures, automotive parts and all other stamped parts or finished automotive products. Let us know what you need and we will offer you the most suitable products and services according to your requirements.

Does your application require high corrosion resistance? Our slit carbon strips are ideal for a large number of sectors, such as household appliances, vehicle manufacturing and construction.

Our wide range of prepainted and sandwich sheets offers you many financial, technical and environmental advantages, whether for the construction or automotive industries or other applications.


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You’d like to minimise waste and achieve the best-quality cuts while saving time and money?

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