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Many years of history!

thyssenkrupp Materials France, part an internationally reputed group, has stood out for its expertise in metallurgy for over 60 years.

Today, having gained increasing ground over the years, it has become a key player in the steel and non-ferrous metals distribution market.

The story begins: creation of Société Française d'Aciers Fins
Société Française d'Aciers Fins becomes Thyssen Aciers Spéciaux and acquisition of the company SRTM (Société de Rectification et Travaux Mécaniques)
Merger between Thyssen Aciers Spéciaux and Thyssen France
Acquisition of the company Locatelli Aciers
Acquisrrion of the company SRTM Lagica, partly incorporated into our subsidiary
Thyssen France becomes thyssenkrup Materials France
Merger wrrh our subsidiary SRTM Lagica
Absorption of the Apollo Metal Group by the thyssenkrupp Group
July 2009
Creation of the Aerospace Division at thyssenkrupp Materials France
October 2009
Absorption of our subsidiary Locatelli Aciers
December 2012
Creation of our subsidiary thyssenkrupp Aerospace Tunisia
October 2013
Merger with thyssenkrupp Service Acier
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