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Your career at thyssenkrupp Materials France

Your career at thyssenkrupp Materials France

We employ 150,000 people working at 900 locations in 65 countries, with opportunities to learn and grow around the world.

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Why tkMF?

thyssenkrupp Materials France has been present on the market for over 60 years. During this time, it has constantly sought to stand out and reinvent itself in order to become a modern and dynamic company. We foster real partnerships with our customers and employees; together we defend our shared values based on respect, reliability, honesty and integrity.

Above all, thyssenkrupp Materials France is an innovative industrial group that is committed to fulfilling your ambitions.

Adopt a new mindset.

Adopt a new mindset.

Guided by the principles of agility and excellence, we set ourselves the challenge, day after day, to provide our customers and employees with the keys to success. Our company is founded on strong values such as innovation, commitment and mutual respect; we anticipate individual requirements and help to create added value. More than just a mindset, this guiding principle makes all the difference in our relationships with our stakeholders.

Develop your skills.

Develop your skills.

It is just as important to accomplish individual aims as group objectives.

At thyssenkrupp Materials France, we greatly value our training and development policy. We actively help our employees to achieve their professional ambitions by giving them the chance to fulfil their potential through new experiences. We are therefore strongly in favour of internal mobility so that you can grow professionally by pursuing many experiences.

As such, we listen to your individual needs and offer you comprehensive and tailored training programmes so that you can develop the necessary skills to progress in your career, whether at national or international level.

Work in a safe and orderly environment.

Security is paramount within the thyssenkrupp Group, as is working in a reliable, ergonomic and healthy environment. Together, we strive to foster a health and safety culture. To make this possible, we ensure that each and every employee benefits from a work environment that is geared towards physical, moral and social well-being.

To achieve excellence, each employee needs to be able to work in the best possible conditions, thus ensuring zero accidents, zero delays and zero defects.

Become part of a dedicated company.

Become part of a dedicated company.

Commitment, integrity, respect and diversity are the cornerstones of our values. We work together at all levels of our company to uphold these values.

At thyssenkrupp Materials France, we stamp out the prejudice of the industrial world and support the role of women in what was once a highly masculine environment. We also fight sexual, ethical and religious discrimination.

  • 27%

    Today, women make up 27% of our workforce.

  • 22%

    of our female colleagues have an executive role

  • 47%

    of our female colleagues have an supervisory role

Because we are aware that the young of today are tomorrow’s future, we actively promote their integration in all of our departments. (19 student-apprentices at present).

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